With doubts on the ways of God

by Lo-Fi

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"Lo-Fi are Brazil's baddest rock-and-roll cowboys and are my hardcore brothers until death. Rogerio explained to me once that "a good band should reinvent themselves every couple of years", and Lo-Fi has run the gamut from GG Allin-influenced scum punk to skate rock to raw garage love songs to psych rock. I'm gonna guess that our crazy noise bullshit rubbed off on Rogerio while he was driving Lotus Fucker and Sete Star Sept on tour, cause now Lo-Fi is going in their most raw and aggressive direction yet, with 5 of their shortest/fastest/loudest songs to date. In years past, this would have belonged on 625 Records" Dan MacGregor

Art by the esteemed Lobo Rameriez.

co-released with Laja Records
released in 2017
300 copies over 1 pressing



released February 16, 2017

Recorded at Estudio Colinão by Alexandre Capilé with Estudio Costella mobile tools. Mixed and mastered by Alexandre Capilé.



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Track Name: A special place in my heart
He´s gone looking for some gold

There´s no special place
There´s nothing special
There´s no such thing special
Forget the word special
Everything is ordinary
Track Name: With doubts on the ways of God
Thats all a point of view
The bombs you throw
Can come back against you

The god that is in your mind
Is The devil through other people’s eyes

Each time that an unfaithful die
The faithful say its for The lord
And when a mother cries
We doubt The ways of God
Track Name: What is justice?
Make some noise
Make some music
Rise above justice
Rise above mediocrity