Ultra Cosmic Blues

by Lo-Fi

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Ultra Cosmic


released December 8, 2015

Recorded and mixed by Fernando Sanches at Estúdio El Rocha.
Vocals on "Summer is Mud, Winter is Dust" and "Silver And Gold" recorded at Estúdio Wasabi.
Guitar Solo on "Summer is Mud Winter is Dust" recorded at Estúdio Wasabi.
Mastered by Alexandre Capilé at Estúdio Costella.
Deborah Babilônia Sings at "Come Back Home".



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Track Name: Purple Sage/Blessed Wolf/Silver and Gold
Purple Sage:

The universe is a space without room
If the mind is closed to the new
The new can be good
When you act true

Cosmic alliance
Knowledge undiscovered
One man above all
Better hear this man
He is the purple sage
He lives in a cave
Far from our planet
Weakness will be disbanded

Blessed Wolf:

Hawks and fowls
Bend their knee
Say a prayer
For the blessed wolf

Blessed wolf
Of the night
Of the great days
Of the shiny sky

Slow and low he moves
Enjoying his goods
He concern heavy sounds
From chopping wood

Evil and dark
Flatted fifth
Masters of the seventies
As blue as I can be

Silver and Gold:

Young and brave
Daring the bold
High flying eagle
Silver and gold

I miss those times
I close my eyes
Start dreaming deep
A mountain to climb

I need the silver and gold
To keep me from walking away

Heal yourself
With work and laughing
More inner self caring
Less fighting

Another men aim
Not worth a ride
Body and soul
Must be tight

I need the silver and gold
To keep me from walking away
Track Name: Loss/Come Back Home (feat. Deborah Babilônia)

I need a magician
To make things happen
Once my will
Can never be useful

Be enchanted by someone
Love her or not
Got to get out of this step
Put my heart out of the blue

Take me away to someplace else
Sleep and never awake
Ship on a boat
Sea will be my home

And never hit the land again
And never notify and inform
And never breathe you
And never be someone
Carry me away
Away from you
And the vicious world around you

Come Back Home

Don´t lose your mind and come back home
Your mamma is waiting for you
Her love is what you need
Although my love is what you want
Track Name: I Wish I Could Be Like Allen Woody
I don´t know how often the world got itself surprise
Questions come and go and answers don´t
Once people live intense and brightly
And in a matter of one second their gone

This is the dance of the death
A mind not fed
This is the eyes of the beauty
A love searching for a healing

Is there a way to say goodbye?
To my daughter and wife
My soul will stay
To help to spread slow suicide
Track Name: Desert Surf
Grab a wood, hit the sand
Desert surf
Pale skin, black shirt
Desert surf

Stand alone
Life has no rules
Kill fashion
Water is for fools

Meaningless age
Romantic move
Porn sex
Heart in blue

Grab a wood, hit the sand
Desert surf
Pale skin, black shirt
Desert surf
Track Name: Captain Galaxy And His Pirates (part.2)/Dead at Your Doorstep
Dead at your doorstep

The promises of a kiss ,
a night of princess is all I can give to you
Along with gardenias in your hair
I think I look like a fool

It was so easy when your boyfriend was around
Now you have so many friends
A red lip of a drunk baby
Maybe friday will be a better day

Say something honey, don't be quiet
I keep hope while you say no
Your phone doesn´t work so send me a letter
I don't wanna wait for more two months or so

I rode miles and miles in blizzard
Thinking about your warm heart and bed
I made it but i fell down
Dead at your doorstep
Track Name: Summer Is Mud, Winter Is Dust
The concrete of the city doesn't lie,
Acid sunbeams disintegrating bacteria
Dusty and dry peeling skin
Hope lives in a drop of water

My boots sink on the wet earth
Flood for nothing on a sealed soil
Black clouds whipping your roof
A snake swims in the bedroom

Don't need to think just get your money for free
You are so important as a prostitute on the streets

All over the year your life doesn't change
You think you are in the top but you are served in a plate
Wake up, and realize there is no hope
Summer you get mud, winter you get dust