Meddling in Regressive Rock

by Lo-Fi

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Meddling in Regressive Rock is a special record: it’s the last Lo-Fi album, released after Ultra Cosmic Blues, and more importantly: it combines almost all of the strengths of the group so far, recalling back even to their early influnces such as, fast hardcore beats, short songs. Combined to other instruments as keyboards, organs with the dark, even nightmarish atmosphere of more recent adopted concept of the band as they like to say, Regressive Rock, making Meddling in Regressive Rock an album that stands firm as a final opus until the band reinvente themselves in the dawning of these new times they are facing.


released March 24, 2017

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Alexandre Capilé at Estudio Costella.
Laja Records
Karasu Killer Records
Manaós Distro


all rights reserved


Track Name: Charge Hard
So you think that you can steal my life
You think that you can take my my heart
I wanna drive drunk
I wanna charge hard
I wanna play a bad guitar
My heart is a box full of dry sand
It's not rainning in my brain
The flowers that I used to give you some day
Will never grow up again
Track Name: This song is you
You made me cried
Loud enough
I felt lonely
I felt in love

´Cause you changed ny life...
In a second you thriled me
In a second you´ve killed me

This song is you
Black hair
Lips matching to the white dress
But what´s on the past

No wine can´t ever get from me
What you already got for you

You sting my heart
I´m in heaven, I´m in hell
I don´t know what to do

There ain´t enough roses for you
You didn´t need the wild real side of life
Got it from the sky
Track Name: Boys
God bless the boys from Memphis
Just a few gonna figure this words
Just a few with a white shirt and a hat
Tore down jeans who walks alone

Have a story in common
With a few others of his kind
The hair is getting thinner
The eyes are looking tired

The love of a woman
He feels once in a few years
Memories I sing
Memories I feel
Track Name: The tree that made the forest grow big
Once there was a queen
Without a king and a crown
But still she has the power
Makes everyone proud

She has some sort of light
Even with a weary heart you let it in
And it will help you somehow
She only makes pleasant things

When she´s gone
You will find yourself alone
You´ll figure there´s an end
Even with memories linger on

The tree that made the forest grow big
Dom´t have the gift of eternity
Track Name: Beer mug
Track Name: Motel Money
Right after a concert
She show up dressed in white
She speaks easy words
Her beauty was out of sight

She carries a bag of tips
She has a drunk red lips
Altough you´ll never riddle her
Misterious marble heart

Stay with me baby
One night with me
Stay with me baby
One night at the motel money

Aint no other place for you
To be with a man like me
No care for fancy conforts
What you need it´s just me

Stay with me baby
One night with me
Stay with me baby
One night at the motel money
Track Name: Ice age
Be aware the thin ice
Be afraid of your next step
You have just entered into the
Ice age

An Era with no love
How can a man turn back to his land?
Once he´s lost
It´s hard to be sane

No red, no purple
Just the hardest blues
You´ll feel free
Not being you
Track Name: A7 Blues
Track Name: To Sophie
I will live on the hills
It’s far away
Never want to see you
And meet you again

It’s hard to start a new life
Hard to get a job
But in this town
I won’t stay no more

A girl should treat his man kind
Don’t be so mean
Alone you’re gonna die

I sing this song for you
Remember it for the rest of your life
To always treat people kind

Lady, treat your man kind
Otherwise you have no one by your side
Lady, be so sweet
And again I can say you’re mine

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